Sunday, February 22, 2009


"Jeremy, Jeremy". Josiah has a new thing where he calls dad Jeremy.

Wild Man

"Down Set Hike".Josiah likes to put on my pads after my practice. Right now he is in Rebekah's room doing football drills with my mom.

Check the dude out. He's a wild man.

Tiki the lizard

This is Tiki. Tiki really likes to climb up my shirt from bottom to top on my neck onto my head. He was bought at pet smart the pet store. He loves running around on my bedroom floor while I clean out his cage. He is a lot of work you have to buy him mealworms every two weeks. You need to refill his water bowl every day. His tank needs to be kept at 85 degrees.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I got this from my Aunt Jessica. I thought it was pretty cool so I decided to put it on here. One rule the answer is only ONE WORD type one answer. If you copy it must be the same question and spread it around.
1.Where is your cell phone? don't
2.Your father? Balding
3.Your favroite thing? family
4.Your dream last night? anaconda
5.Favroite drink? soda
6.Your dream/goal? NFL
7.Room you're in? bedroom
8.Your fear? lukimiah
9.Your hair? tousled
10.Where do you want to be in 6 years? Rexburg
11.Where were you last night? basement
12.What you're not? Dork
13.Muffins? blueberry
14.One of your wish list items? Psp (hand held play station)
15.Where you grew up? louisville
16.Last thing you did? blinked
17.What are you wearing? shorts
18.Your TV? 60"
19.Your pet(s)? geko
20.Your computer? Dell
21.Your life? okay
22.Your mood? random
23.Missing someone? pets
24.Your car? nissan
25.Favroite store? Walmart
26.Your summer? awkward
27.Your favroite color? purple
28.Last time you laughed? today
29.Last time you cried? yesterday
30.Three places I go over and over? home, outside, friends
31.Three people who email me? nobody, nobody, nobody
32.Three favroite foods? doritos, chicken, cookies
33.Three other places I would rather be right now? Idaho, Teaxs, superbowl 34.Three people I think will respond? Jessica, Will, Sawyer

Uno / Express

On saturday we played a game of uno. Then we watched the movie the Express. It is an amazing movie about Ernie Davis an awesome football player. It's PG with lots of harsh words. Thats why we have Clearplay. It takes out the bad words and bad scenes. I lost and never won. My dad wins it all.

SNOWDAY! The past week we went sleding during the power outage. We did not go to school for a whole week (not including weekeds). We got a genorator and had some friends of ours over cause they had NO power.
Right before we went sleding well not "we" mostly Jacob and I, we were sleding for four hours straight. While I was sleding I crashed into a ton of trees bruising my shin. There was a part of frozen bushes where there was so much ice it curved inward making a tunnel like place. It was really fun and had a blast!!!